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Lexmark Printer Won't Print

How to overcome the problem of after installing a Lexmark z645 or any other lexmark product (using downloaded driver from www.lexmark.com) printer keeps saying it is offline every time I try to print something.


1. First download and run "CleanupUtility.exe" from: ftp://ftp.lexmark.com/driver/inkjet_drivers/Cleanup/

2. Then unplug the printer's USB cable and restart your PC.

3. Then download and run the printer's drivers/install program for your particular operating system, from:    http://downloads.lexmark.com/cgi-perl/downloads.cgi

4. Go to the 'Start'button, 'control panel' and then click on the tab that reads 'system' and the 'General' heading if you don't already know which operating system you are on.

5. Only plug the USB cable back in when the drivers/install program tells you to.

6. At the completion of this, restart your whole computer.

7. Hopefully these tips are helpful to you.
   If not, try these steps next steps.

8. First find your product on the list from the url below-

9. Select "Window XP" or your operating system (Click on the start button, then go to control panel and then system)    to find out which operating system you are using.

10. Click on "Download Now."

11. On the "File Download" screen, choose "Save."

12. The next screen will be titled "Save As." Choose to "Save in Desktop" and click "OK."

13. You should see files being transferred.

****Note**** If your browser uses a different file downloading format than specified above, you will need to resort to your browsers help files for downloading instructions. The object of steps 1 - 4 is to download the driver to your desktop. This way it is easily accessible.

14. Once the files have completed downloading, double click on the icon with your file name.

15. Please follow the on screen instructions to complete installation of your Lexmark printer.

Hopefully it works now. : )

Source:- http://www.ehow.com

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