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Lexmark PNP Errors

Lexmark is a company that produces and provides printer, ink, toner and other printing accessories for both business and personal use. There are a number of Plug and Play, or PnP, driver errors associated with Lexmark printer devices.

USB Printer Not Working

A Lexmark USB printer that is not working or is not recognized by the computer could be a sign that the Plug and Play features have not been enabled in the BIOS setup. In order for Plug and Play USB devices to be recognized, the BIOS settings must be changed to enable PnP features within the operating system.

Computer Unresponsive

Plug and Play drivers for Lexmark USB printer devices can sometimes cause a computer system to become unresponsive when the device is connected. This can often be fixed by disabling the "Automatically detect plug and play hardware" option in the Printer and Faxes menu found in the Control Panel.

Not recognized

Another reported problem is that sometimes the Lexmark Plug and Play printer is not recognized when connected to the computer. This can be caused by having a faulty USB connection on the computer. Check to see if the USB connection is the problem by unplugging the printer device and testing the device on another USB port.

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Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

Lexmark Printer Lineup

Lexmark has long been in a name in quality printers. Many businesses and individuals have owned at least one of the company's printers, and today they are still at the top of many preferred or high-ranking lists of quality printing options.

Currently they have color and standard laser and ink jet printers as well as all-in-one printers, portable devices, and even the dot matrix printers too. Currently some of their most well-rated and popular machines include the:

  • Lexmark C544dn Laser Printer - this is their network laser printer that can produce astonishing high-quality color and black and white prints. The speed is impressive with 25 pages per minute on the black prints and 25 pages per minute for full color. The resolution is nothing to sneeze at either with a remarkable 1200x1200 dpi available. The machine can store up to 250 sheets of multipurpose laser paper, and is capable of holding up to 128MB in its memory. It is also, remarkably, PC and Mac compatible. Supplies include the Lexmark Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow toner cartridges, each of which can produce roughly five thousand print.
  • Lexmark X204n Multifunction Laser Printer - this is their take on the ultimate multipurpose or all-in-one printer. It includes fax, copying and scanning capabilities, and delivers up to 24 pages per minute. It is unique in that the memory for the device is easily expandable, and numerous options for extra feeding trays makes large print jobs possible. Because it generates only black and white documents this device relies strictly on the Lexmark Black Toner for X204 Series machines.
  • Lexmark X7675 Multifunction Inkjet Printer - this is their full-color multipurpose machine that can be enjoyed by businesses as well as graphic arts professionals. It provides users with a fax, copier and high resolution scanner, and the printing output is just as praise-worthy. All print jobs can be done in the 4800x1200 dpi range, and will be printed at 25 pages per minute for black and 21 pages per minute for color. It accepts a wide array of media, and can be used to make high-quality prints. This device relies on three separate ink tanks, including the Lexmark 44 Black Ink and the Lexmark 43 Color Ink.

Lexmark is also known for focusing on the latest trends in wireless network printers and is currently offering home-office models as well as corporate designs. Many of their machines are also earth-friendly in that they use Energy Star ratings and recyclable toner or ink jet containers.

Source:- Ezinearticles.com
Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems
One of the common software errors that occurs on certain Lexmark printers is the "aioc.exe" error which renders the printer crippled (some features may still function) until it is resolved. The procedure below should resolve this issue in most cases for Lexmark printer software that exhibits this error. Note that the procedure below was tested primarily on a Lexmark 1200 series printer (1270) however the procedure should work with other models because issue is with the printer software rather than the printer itself.


1. First, click Start and then double click on Computer then double click on drive C: and then double click on the Program Files directory then the Lexmark directory (the name will vary depending upon the printer model number).

2. Next, find the aioc_app.ini file and right click on it then click Cut and then right click on another directory such as the PC Desktop or Documents and click Paste to move the file to a different location.

3. Then, click Start, then click Programs and find and click on the Lexmark All in One Center software icon and the software should then start without the aioc.exe error and all features should be working.

4. Next, right click on the aioc_app.ini file and click Cut and then right click inside the Lexmark directory where the file was previously located and click Paste to move the file back to the previous location.

5. Now start the Lexmark All in One Center software program again just to confirm that the issue has been resolved. If not then remove the aioc_app.ini file and restart the software.

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Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

Installing Lexmark Drivers for Windows 7

Lexmark Drivers


If you are installing your Lexmark printer for the first time on your Windows 7 system, you must first have the correct printer drivers. The easiest method is to use the Lexmark printer's installation disk, if one is available. Check the system requirements located on the disk or printer manual to ensure Windows 7 is supported. If so, the correct drivers are located on the disk and no other steps need to be taken to find your Lexmark printer drivers for Windows 7.

The next method for finding Lexmark printer drivers for Windows 7 is to . If a Windows 7 driver is available for your model of Lexmark printer, it will be available in the Support section of Lexmark's site. You will need to know the exact model of your printer in order to find the correct driver. Also be sure to choose Windows 7 as your current operating system.

Installing Lexmark Drivers for Windows 7

As with finding drivers, there are multiple ways to install your Lexmark printer drivers after you've found or downloaded them. Once again, the easiest method is to use the software provided with your Lexmark printer. Insert the software disk and follow the prompts to install Lexmark printer drivers for Windows 7 and any required software. The process typically takes five to ten minutes. Be sure to install the software before you connect the printer, unless instructed otherwise.

If you download drivers for Lexmark, installation steps may vary slightly. The most common method is to double click the executable file you downloaded. The driver is extracted and a wizard will step you through the installation process. After installation, you may have to restart your Windows 7 system or Lexmark printer. If these steps do not work, please read any instructions provided on Lexmark's website or with the downloaded driver.

The final installation method allows you to use Windows 7 to both find and install the driver in one step. First, go to “Start” and select “Control Panel.” Choose “Devices and Printers.” Right click the Lexmark printer and choose “Properties.” Under the “Driver” tab, choose “Update.” Windows 7 will search for an updated driver and if one is available, download and install it for you.

Troubleshooting Lexmark Printers

If you've installed your Lexmark printer, but can't seem to get it to work, you may have a corrupt or incorrect driver. The first step is to discover whether any other issues may exist. Try printing in different applications to see if the issue lies with a specific application. Try printing in both black and color to see if an ink cartridge is a problem.

If you have ruled out other issues, go to “Start,” right click “Computer” and choose “Manage.” Click “Device Manager” in the left pane. Expand the “Printers” section. If you notice a red X or a yellow !, there is a problem with how Windows 7 works with your Lexmark printer. Right click your Lexmark printer and choose “Update Driver Software” or “Properties.” The Update Driver Software works the same as allowing Windows 7 to install the driver for you. If no driver is found, you will have to go to Lexmark's site in order to find an updated driver.

If you go into the Properties section, press the “Troubleshoot” button. Go step by step through the troubleshooting wizard to help determine the cause of the problem with your Lexmark printer drivers for Windows 7.

If nothing else works, right click your Lexmark printer and choose “Uninstall.” Disconnect your printer and restart your Windows 7 system. Restart your system and reinstall your Lexmark printer. Sometimes another application may cause your driver not to install correctly. Reinstalling the software will fix any problems you may have

Source:- brighthub.com
Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

Lexmark printers with "Hardware Error 0502"

Good tip for the Lexmark All-in-one inkjet printer owners (mine is the X6170):

Lexmark Hardware Error 0502After some months of use, your printer might get the habit of stopping in the middle of a page and showing “Hardware Error 0502” on the LCD display. If you leave the printer alone for a while, it might start printing again. Then again, it might not. Pretty annoying.

The Lexmark support site will let you power off, remove the power cord for 30 seconds (!!), take out the cartridges and fiddle with some encoder strip. This whole procedure might take you up to 30 minutes and it will not help (been there, done that).

The real answer is given by a person called ‘clem’:

Lexmark metal barHardware Error: 0502.

On the multi function machine seems to be a coating on the metal rod that the cartridges travel on. Just wipe this rod with a kleenex and the problem seems to go away. Somehow it presents a drag on the cartridges and causes an error.

This works! Clean the sucker with a paper towel (another page talks about re-lubricating the thing, but that was not necessary in my case). The towel will be black (ink residu, presumably), but there you go printing to your heart’s desire again.
Lexmark problem solved
A big thank-you to Clem, Google and the wisdom of crowds!

UPDATE: also seems to work for some Dell printers (some of them are manufactured by Lexmark)

source:- blog.forret.com
Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

Lexmark Printer E260d

Print black but think green with Lexmark's E260d laser printer. This Energy Star compliant, monochrome printer is as easy on the environment as it is on your budget with paper-saving duplex printing, eco-mode operation, a cartridge recycling program and an instant fuser warm-up feature that saves you time as well as energy. Get laser-sharp, true 1200 x 1200 dpi print quality images in less than 7 seconds with PostScript and PCL emulation for smooth lines and crisp text.

The E260d lets you spend more time being productive and less time outputting documents with output up to 35 pages per minute and a monthly output of 50000 pages on materials ranging from cardstock to transparencies. This compact printer connects effortlessly via USB or Parallel cables and features a quick, intuitive configuration and set-up process along with a user-friendly operator panel. Its quiet operation, sleek design and outstanding output make this printer a welcome co-worker in any home or office.

Source:-  newegg.com
Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

Lexmark Printer Won't Print

How to overcome the problem of after installing a Lexmark z645 or any other lexmark product (using downloaded driver from www.lexmark.com) printer keeps saying it is offline every time I try to print something.


1. First download and run "CleanupUtility.exe" from: ftp://ftp.lexmark.com/driver/inkjet_drivers/Cleanup/

2. Then unplug the printer's USB cable and restart your PC.

3. Then download and run the printer's drivers/install program for your particular operating system, from:    http://downloads.lexmark.com/cgi-perl/downloads.cgi

4. Go to the 'Start'button, 'control panel' and then click on the tab that reads 'system' and the 'General' heading if you don't already know which operating system you are on.

5. Only plug the USB cable back in when the drivers/install program tells you to.

6. At the completion of this, restart your whole computer.

7. Hopefully these tips are helpful to you.
   If not, try these steps next steps.

8. First find your product on the list from the url below-

9. Select "Window XP" or your operating system (Click on the start button, then go to control panel and then system)    to find out which operating system you are using.

10. Click on "Download Now."

11. On the "File Download" screen, choose "Save."

12. The next screen will be titled "Save As." Choose to "Save in Desktop" and click "OK."

13. You should see files being transferred.

****Note**** If your browser uses a different file downloading format than specified above, you will need to resort to your browsers help files for downloading instructions. The object of steps 1 - 4 is to download the driver to your desktop. This way it is easily accessible.

14. Once the files have completed downloading, double click on the icon with your file name.

15. Please follow the on screen instructions to complete installation of your Lexmark printer.

Hopefully it works now. : )

Source:- http://www.ehow.com

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Printer Not Printing Black
Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

Error: 929 Toner Sensor

A 929 Service Toner Sensor error indicates a problem with the toner sensor, the front harness cable, or the developer drive. It could also mean that the toner cartridge is defective.

  • The most likely cause of this error is the toner cartridge itself. This is especially true if it is a new cartridge and the error started after you installed it.
    1. Take the cartridge out of the printer and locate the encoder wheel on the right-hand side of the cartridge. The encoder wheel can be found on the right side of the cartridge (usually over a bar code sticker). It is a thin, black, plastic wheel with small rectangular notches cut into it. This wheel will sometimes get stuck, but you can free it by turning it by hand. 
    2. Try moving the wheel forwards and backwards a little. If it does not turn correctly, you will receive a 929 Toner Sensor error on the printer when you try to use the cartridge it is attached to. Note: The encoder wheel moves only a little bit each way. It should not make a complete revolution. If it does, the wheel is probably broken.
    3. Try to move it a little bit each way a couple of times to see if you can free it up. Caution! DO NOT force the wheel as you could break it.
    4. If the wheel on the toner cartridge is stuck, try another new toner cartridge. ( If you do not have another new toner cartridge available, an old toner cartridge or another cartridge from a working printer of the same model will also suffice for this test.)  Power the printer off and install the second toner cartridge. Then power the printer back on. If another toner cartridge clears up the 929 error, the printer is fine and the problem is with the toner cartridge. If the error does not clear, there may be a problem with the printer.
    5. If you narrow down the problem to the toner cartridge, call the point of purchase and explain the situation to them. They may have a replacement policy. If they cannot help you, call our Technical Support Center and we will see what we can do to replace the cartridge that is causing the error. We will not be able to reimburse the price of the cartridge, but we can offer you an exchange. To do this, we may ask you to send in your cartridge first. Please note that we cannot offer an exchange on a refilled or refurbished cartridge. For this, you must go through the point of purchase.
  • If you receive this error with a second toner cartridge, you may want to check if the Front Harness Cable is plugged into the Toner Sensor. Do the following:
    1. Turn off the printer and remove the toner cartridge.
    2. Look inside the printer at the place where the cartridge goes (on the right). You should see the Toner Sensor. On the back of the sensor assembly, you should be able to see a white cable connector.
    3. Push this white cable connector into the toner sensor assembly by pushing the connector towards the front of the printer.
  • If you continue to receive the 929 error, your printer will probably need service.

Source: Lexmark KnowledgeBase
Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

Lexmark Error Codes


22 Paper Out or Paper Jam

  • Check for paper in the paper tray
  • Check the size of the paper in the paper tray to see if it is the same as what the printer is set for.
  • Defective D-roller
  • Debris in the paper path
  • Gears not turning or broken gear
  • Defective paper tray
  • Broken input sensor flag
  • Defective input sensor board
  • Defective system cable 2
  • Defective system board
23 Paper Jam
    Same as 22 with these additions:
  • Exit Sensor flag (Fuser)
  • Exit Sensor board (Fuser)
  • System cable 1
24 Invalid Manual Feed
  • Paper feed into the Manual feed when printer is pulling paper off paper tray
  • Don't feed paper in the manual feed unless requested
  • See 23
30 Open Cover
  • Install Toner Cartridge
  • Check the Switch activator (hangs down on left side of Top Cover)
  • Check output voltages on the low voltage power supply. See Page 2-19 in the service manual
  • Replace the high voltage power supply
  • Replace system cable 2 (NOTE: the HVPS and system cable 2 can be checked by checking continuity across J14-5 and J14-6 and activating the switch on the HVPS)
  • Replace the system board
31 Change Paper
  • Paper size requested by the software is different than the installed paper
  • Install the correct size paper and change size setting to match
  • Software setup
  • System board
31 Change Envelope
  • Envelope size requested by the software is different than installed paper
  • Install the correct size envelope and change size setting to match
  • Software setup
  • System board
35 Paper Error
    See 23
36 Load Paper
    See 23
37 Stop Command Received
  • Press Start/Stop to clear
  • Software setup
  • Software drivers
  • System board
40 System Board Failure
  • Replace system board
41 Requested Font Not Available
  • Install requested font and try again (font card or software)
  • Software setup problem
  • Defective font card
  • Defective system board
42 Requested Font not Available
    See 41
43 Font Card Error
  • Font card removed with power turned on. Cycle power
  • Defective font card
  • Defective system board
44 Font Card Error
    See 43
45 Downloaded Font Error
  • Software setup
  • Software drivers
  • System board
46 Download Character Error
    See 45
47 Language Error
    Normal Mode (IBM)
  • Unsupported card installed
  • Defective card
  • Defective system board

    Postscript Mode

  • Make sure that Postscript is selected on printer and computer
  • Make sure that a Postscript font card is being used
  • Defective font card
  • Defective system board
54 Serial Error
  • Check serial configuration settings (printer and computer)
  • Communication cable
  • I/O card in Computer
  • System board
55 Font Error
    See 45
89 Output Tray Full
    (4029-04x only)
  • Remove paper from output tray
  • Check flag operation
  • Replace the card photo sensor
  • Replace the cable
  • Replace the system board
900 System Board Failure
  • Remove options and try again (NOTE: when removing the Postscript board, you must replace the 2 IBM ROMs)If the printer now works, replace options one at a time to test them
  • Replace system board
  • Defective system board
910 Font Card Failure
  • Reseat font card
  • Defective font card
  • Defective system board
920 Fuser not up to temperature
  • Check resistance of the fuser, lamp, thermofuse, thermistor
  • Low voltage power supplyThere is no reliable check, other than to exchange the part out
  • System cable 1Check for continuity
  • Fuser power cableCheck for continuity
  • System board
921 Fuser not up to Temperature
    See 920
922 Fuser not up to Temperature
    See 920
923 Fuser Over Temperature
    See 920
930 Mirror Motor
    (not up to speed)
  • Reseat cables between the print head and the system board
  • Defective print head
  • Defective cables
  • Defective system board
931 Mirror Motor speed detect error
    See 930
932 Mirror Motor speed detect error
    See 930
940 Laser Beam detect failure
    See 930
941 Laser beam detect failure
    See 930
950 System Board Failure
    See 900
960 Memory Error
    See 900
970 Fan not turning
  • Reseat cables between the fan and the system board
  • Replace the fan
  • Replace the cables
  • Replace the system board
980 System Board Failure
    See 900
990 System Board Failure
    See 900

Source:- fixyourownprinter.com
Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

Fix Lexmark X6150 Hardware Error Code 0502

Check the encoder strip on the printer. (This is a clear strip running the length of the printer, above or behind the cartridge carrier.) Do the following:

•    Switch off the printer using the power button. Disconnect the power cable from the back of the Lexmark X5100 / X6100 Series.  Leave the power cable disconnected for 30 seconds.

•    Slide the cartridge carrier to the middle of the printer by taking the top part of the belt and moving it gently to the right. Take out both cartridges.

•    Place an index finger on the encoder strip on either side of the cartridge carrier.

•    On the back of the cartridge carrier, there is a small slot that the encoder strip fits into. Slightly push the encoder strip down and then back up to get it into the slot.

•    Lightly press the strip first to the rear and then forward, if necessary.  Clean the encoder strip with a dry tissue. Also clean the contacts of the printer.

•    Reconnect the power cable and switch the printer on again.  Perform the hardware test without cartridges first and then with both cartridges.  Make a standalone copy.

•    If the copy is satisfactory, repeat the test once to confirm that the error is gone.

Source:  fixyourownprinter.com

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Lexmark printer Troubleshooting
Lexmark Printers Troubleshooting | Lexmark Printers | Printer Problems

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